November 24, 2003

DIY: Email Board Invite

This is the email that I used to first invite people onto the MelbourneDAC academic board:


I am writing to you as Chair of DAC 2003, which will be held at RMIT University, Melbourne from May 19 to 23rd, 2003. (see below a detailed blurb on DAC 2003)

I wish to invite you to become a member of the DAC 2003 Academic Board. The duties involved in the membership would include contributing ideas and feedback on the peer review process between August 2002 & January 2003 & specifically:

1. peer review abstracts (300 words each) *note... abstract deadline to be approx. late August 2002 & comments to be returned by late September 2002

2. help to shortlist abstracts for invitation to submit full papers

3. provide a list of additional reviewers to assist with the review of full papers

4. assist in the peer review of full papers which will be available in published form for DAC2003

5. help in the selection and invitation of possible keynote speakers

6. if you're able to attend DAC then you'll probably receive a formal invitation to participate and to be a session/panel/workshop chair.

Please reply to Adrian Miles at if you're able to participate on the DAC Academic Board, if you're unable to I would appreciate it if you could suggest a colleague who may be able to be a member of the board.


computer games, hypertext, graphic narrative, new media narrative, digital arts and culture conference, streaming media, interactive performance, digital aesthetics, interactive cinema, theory, art, academics, artists.

Digital Arts and Culture::2003 MelbourneDAC::streaming wor(l)ds The 2003 iteration of the Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) international conference series is to be held on the city campus of RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia from May 19 to 23, 2003.

MelbourneDAC:streaming wor(l)ds will bring together an international cohort of artists, practitioners, developers, theorists and teachers to define and explore major themes and ideas confronting contemporary new media practice. The 2003 event will explore the theory and practice of computer gaming, ergodic narrative, distributed and/or immersive performance environments, and streaming media with a particular focus on the real, imagined and wished for worlds that these things create.

[what is the Digital Arts and Culture conference?] DAC was founded in 1998 by Espen Aarseth as an international conference focusing on new media theory and practice in critical contexts. DAC seeks to bring together new media artists and theorists in a spirit of collaboration and exploration. It has nurtured a significant international community of young and innovative researchers, artists and scholars in the interdisciplinary field of new media, and has become the benchmark conference for research and collaborative endeavour in new media. DAC offers a forum that recognises the importance of bringing together leading practitioners from art and theory for the exchange of ideas and to develop international professional networks and knowledge economies. MelbourneDAC:streaming wor(l)ds intends to continue this role through the papers, panels, forums, and exhibition it hosts, and the innovative series of collaborative workshops and events that will be undertaken by all conference participants. The mission of MelbourneDAC is to exchange ideas and promote new developments in digital arts and culture and to ensure that all participants develop relevant and sustainable professional communities.

A call for papers will be distributed shortly.

A call for entries for the MelbourneDAC::streaming wor(l)ds exhibition will be distributed shortly.

All conference material will be published (all participants will receive their copy during MelbourneDac).

A mentoring process will be available to postgraduate students and new academics who wish to have feedback in the development of their contributions.

A moderated announcement list for all interested in receiving additional information and updates is available. Subscription details at

a web site containing this and other information is located at

regards Adrian Miles

Posted by amiles at November 24, 2003 05:14 PM