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[list as of 02:04:03]

Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby::HeteroForm Organization and The Cinema of Braided

Alison Walker and Silvia Rigon::The Many Voices of Saint Catherine of Pedemonte

Alok b. Nandi::Mixed reality story-telling: story-setting and story-sharing

Andrew Hutchison::Analysing the Performative Function in Interactive Narrative

Andrew Murphie::Electronicas

Anna Munster::Compression and the Intensification of Information in Flash Animation

Anne Mette Thorhauge::Player, reader, or social actor? How to conceptualise the new sort participant within the field of computer games

Ben Hourigan::Videotopia: Utopia and utopianism in role-playing videogames

Bernadette Flynn::Cultures of navigation within video game space

Bettina Lamm::Paper: Inner worlds body as space in digital art

caleb stuart::The Object of Performance: Aural Performitivity and Live Laptop Sound

Camille Baker::Internal Networks Revisted : telepathy meets technology

Caroline McCaw::Place as a Pattern of Stories

Christiane Robbins::Blue Screen _ Moto

Christina McPhee::Aphasia/Parrhesia: Code and Speech in the Neural Topologies of the Net

Dan Fleming::Hypertext and Empire

Daniel Palmer::The Paradox of User Control

Daniel Pargman::word and code, code as world

Darshana Jayemanne::Spielraum: Games, Art and Cyberspace

David Cameron::To the Spice Islands: An interactive performance project

David Lerdell and Christina Garsten::Mainstream Rebels: Informalization and Regulation in a Virtual World

Deena Larsen::Dancing in a Language Maze: Understanding the Mind-states and Trinary Logic/Language of Glide

Dene Grigar::Media Translation and the Online _Brautigan Bibliography

Diana R. Slattery, William Brubaker, Charles R. Mathis, Robert E. Dunie::From Interface to Interspace: LiveGlide and the 3rd Dimension

Espen Aarseth::Playing Research: Methodological approaches to game analysis

Eugenie Shinkle::Gardens, Games, and the Anamorphic Subject: Tracing the Body in the Virtual Landscape

Gregory More::Implementing Nonlinear Sound Strategies within Spatial Design

Hanne-Lovise Skartveit and Magnhild Viste::System Dynamics Modelling as Story Engine for Interactive Video

Jane McGonigal::"This Is Not a Game": Immersive Aesthetics and Collective Play

Janez Strehovec::Text as a Loop On the Aesthetics of Kinetic Poetry Objects

Jayne Fenton Keane::Clicklit | Cinelit and the Invisible Hand

Jeremy Yuille::real-time::sonic performance in-game

Jill Walker::Digital Fictions and Make-Believe

Jim Bizzocchi::Ceremony of Innocence" and the Subversion of Interface: Cursor Transformation as a Narrative Device

John Banks::Negotiating Participatory Culture in the New Media Environment: Auran and the Trainz Online Community

Julian Holland Oliver::Developers In Exile: Why Independent Game Development Needs an Island.

Keith Armstrong::Towards an Ecosophical praxis of media space design

Kristoffer Gansing::The Myth of Interactivity or the Interactive Myth? - Interactive Film as Imaginary Genre

Laetitia Wilson::Interactivity or Interpassivity: A Question of Agency in Digital Play


Lone Malmborg::The role of art and design in it-education at the digital Bauhaus


Maria Sieira::Computer Errors and Duchamp's Open-and-Closed Door

Mark McGuire::PlayStation 2: Selling the Third Place

mary flanagan::SIMple and Personal: Domestic Spaces and The Sims

Mathew Kabatoff::BorderX and the Dramatic Notion of Information

Matthew Hutchinson::Competing Aesthetics: The Iconography of Urban Space and Computer Data in Flash Cinema

Mikael Jakobsson and T.L. Taylor::Sopranos Meets Everquest: Socialization processes in massively multiuser games

Mike Leggett::Panel: Interface Design and Visual Indexing

Mike Leggett::PathScapes - Interface Design and Visual Indexing

Nanette Carter::Dot shops

Ned Rossiter::Processual Media Theory

Nick Montfort::Face It, Tiger, You Just Hit the Jackpot: Reading and Playing Cadre's Varicella

Nitzan Ben-Shaul::Paradigms for Interactive Digital Films

Noah Wardrip-Fruin::From Instrumental Texts to Textual Instruments

Patrick Crogan::The Man in the Middle: The Experience of Information in Computer Games

Richard Brown::Immersion, alchemy and transformation through mimetic digital spaces

Robert Kendall::Charting the Frontier: The Electronic Literature Directory

Robert Kendall::Doing Whatever It Takes: The Editor as Collaborator

Sean Cubitt::Art in the wired hinterland

Simon Biggs::Multiple Perspectives/Multiple Readings

Simon Ryan::Game, Space and the Geopolitics of Simulation

Stefan Greuter::Undiscovered Worlds - Towards a real time procedural world generation framework

Susan Ballard::Flickering affects


Sybil Nolan::Journalism online: the search for narrative form in a multilinear world

tamas szakal::PHONIC FREQUENCIES - controlling sound and vision in connected realities

Teri Hoskin::pricklings: appearance

Thomas A. Porter::An Exploration of Espen Aarseth's Taxonomy

Tiffany Holmes::Feminist art games: New media meets the American arcade

Troy Innocent::Exploring the nature of electronic space through semiotic morphism.

truna::betwixt and between: a mixed media expose of the epistemologies of cyberspaces and beyond places

William Gillespie and Stuart Moulthrop::Drugs, Machines, and Friendships: Cybertext, Collaboration, and the Beatles

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antoanetta ivanova conference producer

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