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30.06.2002 melbourne contender and/or ghost cinema

this is something i developed from a concept that jess redenbach bought to help work out a cinema studies essay she's working on. (a very good idea about deleuze's virtual image and how the relationship between particular sequences of on the waterfront, raging bull, and boogie nights, expresses that.)

realistically you need a minimum of osx or a high end pc for these to work,the cpu really does a lot of real time work here in dynamically blending overlays (i've discussed this more in the vlog).

what i really liked in this was that jess had made of sketch of the three films and how they overalyed each other and it was obvious that she needs to be able see this visually to be able to write to the films. so we made a vog that does that.

it utilises child movies which means you have to wait for content to be downloaded dynamically, which means there is always a pause, i could have written all of the files into one large movie but that makes the project much less flexibile than it actually is (i've gone into some of the techie stuff in the vlog). however, if you want i've made a couple of versions that you can download and run from your hard drive. This overcomes network latency and they run real quick locally. just don't move the movies around on your hard drive, they use relative urls.

instructions: mousing over the film titles will play that film. mousing into the speaker icon toggles sound off and on (you usually have to toggle in twice the first time). the + sign between on the waterfront and raging bull will play both movies overlaid. the first + sign between raging bull and boogie nights will play with movies overlaid. the second + sign here will play all three movies overlayed.

now if there is anyone out there with content get in touch. i love finding content i can work with, and really hope to find someone with some fiction i can use soon.

oh, and there's explicit (full frontal male nudity) content in the boogie nights clip.

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